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Ginger R. Kelley is the managing partner of the Law Office of Ginger R. Kelley located in Newport Beach, California. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney with more than 25 years of experience, she focuses on providing strategic and effective litigation services for defendants charged with white collar crimes.
As an active member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the California State Bar’s Criminal Law Section, Ms. Kelley is a skilled state and federal defense attorney. She has worked extensively on cases involving securities fraud, money laundering, health care fraud and professional license accusations through parallel proceedings.
She is admitted to the State Bar of California (1992 – present) and admitted to the bars of the Central, Northern and Southern Districts of California, the 9th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.
Her strong commitment to her clients, coupled with a thorough understanding of white collar criminal defense strategies has made her one of the most sought after attorneys throughout Southern California.
Specifically, the Law Office of Ginger R. Kelley provides effective representation for clients under investigation or charged in the following areas:

Securities fraud – If you have been charged with churning, insider trading, outside trading, involvement in a pump and dump scheme, or in any way that has sought to deceive investors, you are facing a serious legal matter.  Generally, these types of charges are brought against stock brokers, promoters, traders, accountants or lawyers and prosecution can be brought at both the state and federal level.  Depending on the circumstances of your case, there may be several possible defenses that can be employed.

Money laundering – Money laundering involves the illegal use of money derived from any kind of crime.  “Laundering” refers to the way money is actually cycled through legitimate enterprises to remove the money trail from the crime in question.  Specific intent must be proven to successfully prosecute this kind of crime, and one of the most common defenses is to deny there was any intent to commit a crime and proving that a defendant was unaware the money was obtained through illegal means.  Duress is another defense strategy often used in money laundering cases as well.

Embezzlement – When an employer entrusts the financial aspects of their business to an employee, it can lead to possible charges of financial abuse.  Embezzlement cases are often complicated and can be difficult to both prosecute and defend.  The key to a successful defense often times rests with showing that no fraudulent intent was present.  In other cases where fraud was clearly present, there are ways to mitigate punishment by working with the employer to return funds in exchange for a more lenient penalty.

Identity theft – As technology continues to become more pervasive throughout society, the incidences of people being charged with identity theft continue to rise at a high rate.  There are many kinds of identity theft a person can be charged with, including simply using another person’s identifying information without their consent or authority, criminal impersonation, criminal possession of a financial device, or gathering identity information by deception, among others. Depending on the circumstances, fines and penalties can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars with prison sentences of 10 years or more.  As such, when faced with a charge like this, it is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Mail fraud – Mail fraud is often connected to other criminal charges and can be seen as an “add on” charge depending on the facts of a case.  But if the offense is large enough, mail fraud charges can result in possible sentences of up to 30 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines.  There are several possible mail fraud defenses, such as a good faith or lack of authority strategy, but mail fraud can be complicated and retaining the services of a skilled defense attorney is critical to giving you the best chance at maintaining your freedom.

Insurance fraud – Authorities have estimated that insurance fraud costs U.S. businesses and the government as much as $80 billion a year.  Because of this, they employ significant resources to catch and prosecute possible insurance fraud offenders.  Insurance fraud can take many forms, including those involving automobile claims, property fraud and healthcare fraud.  Litigation is often complicated because regulations are so complex, so it is critical to mount an effective defense as early as possible to win a case if you are charged.

Federal indictments – Formal accusations against a defendant are called indictments.  When a person is indicted, it sets in motion a series of events that could lead to a trial in many cases.  Fortunately, a federal indictment can be challenged on several grounds before a case goes to trial.  A savvy defense attorney may be able to introduce several strategies that could work in a defendant’s favor, but the key is to be aggressive in exploring all options as soon as possible.

Federal appeals – If you have been convicted of a federal level crime, you have the right to have your attorney file an appeal on your behalf.  Although it is not a retrial, a federal appeal gives a defendant a chance to challenge a conviction based on legal grounds that may have been presented in error.  Although appeals can take a long time, they are an important part of doing everything possible to preserve a defendant’s freedom.

Bank fraud – There are many possible ways a person can be charged with bank fraud, including embezzlement, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, ATM thefts, credit card fraud, forgery or accounting irregularities.  Bank fraud can be charged at either a state or federal level, but because banks are protected by federal statutes, most of the time, charges will be at a federal level, which is the more serious of the two options because sentencing guidelines are more stringent and federal prosecutors have more resources to devote to prosecuting a crime.

Healthcare and medical fraud – This type of crime remains a priority for law enforcement agencies because it costs the economy in excess of $100 billion annually.  Unfortunately, many times federal authorities will be extremely aggressive in pursuing charges against a suspected fraud perpetrator.  This means that an equally aggressive and strong defense must be mounted in response.

Internet crimes – As the world shifts to more of an online economy, there has been a rise in the number of Internet related crimes.  A person can face charges such as hacking, copyright infringement, cyberstalking, blackmail, identity theft, prostitution, drug trafficking and child pornography among many others.  Gathering electronic evidence is critical to a successful defense and in many instances, it is essential to work with a highly trained IT professional to be able to make the best possible defense argument.

Board hearings – Medical professionals are held to high standards, and sometimes their work is challenged by various licensing boards who have the power to revoke licenses if violations are serious enough.  Sometimes, violations can also involve criminal charges as well.  Mounting a strong defense to a board hearing is critical to not only maintain a professional’s innocence but to also preserve their livelihood as well.

If you are faced with the prospect of being investigated or charged with a white collar crime, contact Ms. Kelley for a free initial consultation to discuss your options.   The Law Office of Ginger Kelley serves clients in Newport Beach, Santa Ana and communities throughout Orange County, California.

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