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Fortunately, embezzlement cases can be resolved in many ways.  It is always important to remember that the primary motivation of a victim is to have their missing money returned to them.  In some instances, even if embezzlement has been committed, simply returning the money may be enough to reduce a jail sentence significantly.  In other cases, a defendant may be able to avoid jail time altogether.

The test for proving embezzlement

To prove embezzlement, a prosecutor must prove that an intention to defraud has taken place.  In other words, it must be shown that a defendant had clear intent to take funds or property without consent from the owner and to convert them in a way that was not compatible with the owner’s desires.  A stockbroker who skimmed money off of a client’s account would be guilty, as would a CFO who siphoned off money from a business to buy cars, boats or vacations for themselves.

Embezzlement defenses

In cases where a person takes another’s property but believes they have the right to use and convert that property, and they can prove it, they will not be proven guilty of embezzlement.   A clear paper trail leading directly to the defendant must also be shown for guilt to be proven.  That means in a company where several people have direct access to and are involved in managing business proceeds, it could be difficult to trace activities back to a particular person.  Insufficient evidence is a common reason why embezzlement cases are dropped before they even reach the trial phase.


In other instances, if a person is placed under duress, believing they or a family member will be harmed if they do not commit embezzlement, they could be found innocent.  This could mean paying off a ransom or being forced to participate in an embezzlement scheme under the fear that you might lose their job.

The bottom line is that embezzlement cases require a lot of forensic work, and the best way to give yourself an optimal chance at being found innocent can only take place if you hire a top notch attorney as soon as possible after you are aware you are being investigated or charged.

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