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Securities fraud

If you have been charged with churning, insider trading, outside trading, involvement in a pump and dump scheme, or in any way that has sought to deceive investors, you are facing a serious legal matter.

Identity theft

As technology continues to become more pervasive throughout society, the incidences of people being charged with identity theft continue to rise at a high rate.

Federal indictments

Formal accusations against a defendant are called indictments.  When a person is indicted, it sets in motion a series of events that could lead to a trial in many cases.

Healthcare and medical fraud

This type of crime remains a priority for law enforcement agencies because it costs the economy in excess of $100 billion annually.

Mail fraud

Mail fraud is often connected to other criminal charges and can be seen as an “add on” charge depending on the facts of a case.

Money laundering

Money laundering involves the illegal use of money derived from any kind of crime.  “Laundering” refers to the way money is actually cycled through legitimate enterprises to remove the money trail from the crime in question.

Internet crimes

As the world shifts to more of an online economy, there has been a rise in the number of Internet related crimes.


When an employer entrusts the financial aspects of their business to an employee, it can lead to possible charges of financial abuse.  Embezzlement cases are often complicated and can be difficult to both prosecute and defend.

Insurance fraud

Authorities have estimated that insurance fraud costs U.S. businesses and the government as much as $80 billion a year.

Bank fraud

There are many possible ways a person can be charged with bank fraud, including embezzlement, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, ATM thefts, credit card fraud, forgery or accounting irregularities.

Board hearings

Medical professionals are held to high standards, and sometimes their work is challenged by various licensing boards who have the power to revoke licenses if violations are serious enough.

Federal appeals

If you have been convicted of a federal level crime, you have the right to have your attorney file an appeal on your behalf.