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Insurance fraud is a large problem in the United States and it is estimated that different schemes steal or deny up to $80 billion per year.  If you are charged with insurance fraud, you will need to mount a vigorous defense using an experienced insurance fraud attorney such as The Law Office of Ginger Kelley.


You can be charged with many different kinds of insurance fraud.  Some of the most common forms of insurance fraud include:

Automobile claims.  If you are in an accident and attempt to inflate the damage that occurred to your vehicle to your insurance provider in an attempt to get a larger payout, you could be charged with fraud.

Property fraud.  Also known as home repair fraud, this can take place a number of ways from claiming that you were the victim of a break-in and burglary, to committing vandalism or setting fire to a building you own to collect an insurance payout.  Also, if there is damage that took place on your property, such as from a flood, high winds or burst pipes and you attempt to inflate the amount of destruction to collect a larger amount, you could be facing fraud charges.

Healthcare fraud.  If you file a false claim concerning an injury or fake a condition to receive higher insurance payments, you could be charged with fraud.  This also includes filing false Workers’ Compensation claims.  More common is when healthcare providers charge insurance companies for procedures they did not actually perform.


Although insurers have the burden of proving fraud has taken place, many jurors are predisposed to believe that defendants have committed fraud out of greed.

In addition, insurance companies have significant resources when it comes to prosecuting fraud cases, and will use just about any means at their disposal to win a case and send a message to other would-be fraud perpetrators.

Laws and regulations governing fraud are complex, and uncovering evidence is surpassed only by the amount of work that may be required to mount an equally effective defense.  That’s why it takes a knowledgeable defense lawyer who can pay attention to all the details of a case, understands fraud laws and can stand toe to toe with litigators before and during a trial to give their client the best chance of obtaining an acquittal.

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