The Medical Board of California investigates complaints that are brought against physicians for various types of questionable conduct or medical malpractice. Every complaint and allegation is taken seriously by the Board, and in some cases, complaints can be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for filing of a formal accusation. In fact, even though the number of complaints has dropped in recent years, the number of cases forwarded has risen dramatically. About two-thirds of all complaints are from the public, with the remaining complaints coming from mandated self-referrals, anonymous persons and from other government agencies.

Why you should retain a medical board lawyer

The anxiety and expense of defending a medical board complaint can be considerable. More than that, if the charges are serious enough, you could be facing a suspension of your medical license or it could be revoked permanently. In addition, if a formal accusation is filed, the document will be posted on the Medical Board’s website, making it public and probably impacting a physician’s reputation, even where the charges are later on proven to be without merit.

If you are being investigated

If you become aware that you are being investigated by the Medical Board, or you have been accused in any way, it is imperative that you contact an experienced medical board lawyer immediately. You may be able to mount an effective defense that could include a response before a formal accusation is filed as well as defending you before the Board during an administrative hearing. In many cases, complaints are found to be unjust or simply a misunderstanding. Being aggressive and proactive in responding to any issues gives a physician the best possible chance to have little or no harm done to their reputation or their livelihood.

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