Although banks employ the highest degrees of security when it comes to protecting their assets, cases of bank fraud are still common. Because banks are mostly regulated at the federal level, this means that any person prosecuted for bank fraud will be facing federal charges. Unfortunately there are many drawbacks when this happens. Most important, the federal government has more resources to prosecute defendants, sentences can be longer, fines larger, and there is less leeway in the sentencing process.

For these reasons, if you are charged with bank fraud, you must hire the best possible bank fraud attorney to represent you

Being charged does not automatically mean you are guilty

Bank fraud cases are extremely complicated in many instances, and that means following a forensic accounting trail could turn up several pieces of evidence that could actually work in a defendant’s favor. In some instances, more than one person may be to blame, or the appearance that someone committed a crime could actually shift to someone else. Mounting a defense as soon as possible is an important part of giving you the best possible chance at maintaining your freedom.

The key to your bank fraud attorney’s defense strategy

Your defense attorney knows that the key motivation for any bank is recovering their assets in a bank fraud case. While this may not give you a clear path to freedom if you are guilty, it will give your attorney a certain amount of leverage in attempting to negotiate the most favorable terms for your case. When assets can be returned and the bank can be made whole again, prosecutors are more likely to want to negotiate with a defendant, striking a deal that could reduce or eliminate fines and jail time.

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