Becoming a pharmacist is extremely difficult and due to the high degree of oversight and the increase in regulations over the past few years by the Board of Pharmacy and the DEA, working as a pharmacist remains a stressful profession. This means that pharmacists, pharmacies and pharmacy technicians are constantly at the risk of facing any number of disciplinary actions or criminal investigations. However, if handled aggressively and properly in conjunction with an experienced pharmacy board lawyer, you may be able to avoid any formal action against your pharmacy license.

Responding to a pharmacy board action

If you become aware that you are being investigated by the Board of Pharmacy or by other state or federal officials, it is imperative to seek legal help immediately. This is because there is often a small window of time to respond to an action before a formal complaint is filed against you or your pharmacy license. The goal is to stop a complaint before it becomes more serious. Often times, an attorney can work with an investigator on a pharmacist’s behalf to demonstrate that any allegations lack substance and that your actions were well within required standards. The other reason for working with an attorney early on is because stopping an investigation before it becomes a formal complaint will be much less expensive than if you need an attorney to defend you after a formal complaint is filed.

Treat every allegation as a serious matter

Any allegation that involves your pharmacy license is a direct attack on your ability to earn a living as a pharmacist. If your license is suspended for gross misconduct, substance abuse, fraud or other charges, not only can you be facing more legal actions, your source of income will be cut off, exponentially increasing your problems. While you may be considering surrendering your license because you fear added penalties or investigations, you owe it to yourself and the profession you trained so hard for to put up the best possible and most strategic defense. Every allegation, even those that appear minor, has the potential to mushroom into something much bigger if you do not take immediate and aggressive actions on your own behalf.

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