At first glance, healthcare and law seem to be two fields that do not mix. However, if you are in a medical profession and have been in the unfortunate position of having to defend yourself or your practice in front of a judge, you already understand the importance of having the right medical board lawyer by your side.

The healthcare field tends to be one of the most litigious and regulated fields in the United States and every day countless professionals face potential career-ending accusations and claims. Our goal at Ginger Kelley Law is to provide clients with the best medical board lawyer in Newport Beach, CA and the surrounding areas.

Find the Best Medical Board Lawyer

Searching for a medical board lawyer may not be the most difficult task in the world—there are thousands of licensed attorneys in California. Finding a specialist who understands the nuances and care that goes into representing a medical professional, however, can be more of a challenge.

Losing a case can mean more than simply paying a fine or receiving a slap on the wrist. A falsely accused health care professional can lose their job and have that judgment impact their future in the industry. The key to overcoming any health care accusation is to immediately seek the advice of a professional attorney who not only specializes in California medical license defense but who also understands civil and criminal defense law as well.

Let Your Lawyer Handle the Case

At Ginger Kelley Law, our team understands the stress that comes with being accused of malpractice and how the consequences can impact your life. Our promise is that we will walk with you every step of the way and defend you with every ounce of expertise and care we have gained over years of experience. If you live in the Newport Beach and Santa Ana areas of Orange County and need the best legal representation, contact Ginger Kelly Law today! We look forward to working with you!