If you are a medical professional, whether you are a doctor, chiropractor, pharmacist, or in another similar occupation, you face a serious matter when you are dealing with a board hearing. Even perceived minor infractions could have a long lasting negative impact if you are penalized, thus making every hearing a stressful situation.

Board complaints are often filed by a patient, employer or colleague of the licensee. In some instances, the licensing board may initiate the hearing process as well.

Your first step should be to hire an attorney

As soon as you are notified that you will need to go through a board hearing, your first step should be to hire an attorney skilled in helping clients through the professional board hearing process. Ideally, you should retain an attorney who has experience in dealing specifically with your licensing board as well as its rules, regulations and procedures.

You may be contacted by an investigator from the appropriate licensing board, and that person may appear friendly toward you as they investigate your case, but make no mistake about it, they are out to get to the bottom of a case and will not put your best interests first.

Retaining an attorney will keep you from saying or doing things that you will later regret. With your career on the line and your way of making a living possibly threatened, you must be careful from the very first steps of the investigation. Gathering facts and evidence from the outset gives you the best possible chance of prevailing in the most favorable way.

Compliance is crucial

When you are dealing with licensing boards and board hearings, you must make every attempt to comply with their requests. However, you must also balance HIPAA’s federal privacy rules and state privacy laws as you work through your case. Your attorney should be well versed on privacy laws as well. Releasing the wrong patient records or those without authorization can make a challenging situation even worse.

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