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Much of these efforts come from assessing the nature and scope of charges as well as determining the impact of the charges as they relate to a business’s relationship with government and regulatory agencies.


White collar crimes include many different types of charges

There are many kinds of white collar crimes, and as business practices have become more sophisticated, efforts to prosecute white collar crimes have ramped up as new types of white collar crimes have emerged.  White collar crimes can encompass many areas, including some of the more common charges:

Forgery can be charged when a person or business attempts to alter a written instrument for their personal gain.

Fraud may take place when a person attempts to use an instrument such as a check or credit card when they do not have sufficient funds to pay for the property or services they want to buy.  Fraud can also take place in real estate transactions or in just about any type of transaction where facts are misrepresented that materially affect the transaction in question.

Money laundering may occur when a person attempts to conduct a financial transaction that involves funds earned from a criminal offense, or they attempt to conceal that the nature of the funds involved in the transaction was realized from criminal activity.

Computer related crimes can be charged for a broad spectrum of activities where a person accesses a computer or network to execute any scheme to defraud another person or business.  This can include hacking, identity theft or any other number of related crimes.


Defending against white collar criminal charges

The key to mounting an effective defense is challenging the defendant’s intent.  If it can be shown that the defendant was not out to intentionally lie or deceive another person or business and that any actions were honest mistakes, then leniency may be a part of the final outcome of a trial.  In addition, there are often large amounts of evidence gathering and due diligence required to fight white collar crime charges, and certain pieces of evidence, if used properly by a skilled defense attorney, can cast doubt on a defendant’s guilt, leading to an acquittal in certain instances.

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